The Squall Story

The Squall Story

     What happens when a small team of passionate bike riders set out to design their idea of the best riding, no-nonsense mountain bike available at the most affordable price possible? Squall is our answer to that question. To do this we had to make a load of decisions. We had to factor in everything from who would buy such a bike, what type of components would this person look for, how much do they want to pay, and what sort of ride experience to they want out on the trail? 

     When developing this bike we had a few key benchmarks we wanted to hit. First, it needed to feel like a real mountain bike. Some other bikes we tested at this price point just didn't quite do it for us. We started by playing with geometry settings on a test bike in search of a fun ride that a beginner could fully appreciate. Then we set out changing things to the design until we were happy with it. Now you can get a bike that handles like the fancier ones, at a price that fits more budgets. Win Win.

     Second, we wanted it to be adaptable. It doesn't make sense that a beginner would buy a bike only to sell the whole thing when its time to upgrade. Some bikes at this price point don't come with things like a tapered head tube or disc brake mounts. Squall can grow with you because we used all modern standards that fit top flight components. You buy one frame, no need to change that, ever. 

     We wanted to provide these two features at the best possible value and lowest price. It doesn't matter how much you pay for a bike, if it breaks after your first ride, it's not worth it. So theres a lower limit to what is realistic. Sure, we could have made a cheaper bike but that probably wouldn't be fun to ride or perhaps it would break too fast. In it's current state, we believe Squall gets the job done under the widest range of terrain for the money. If there was a gauge for smiles per dollar spent, Squall would be maxed out!

    One of the reasons we waned such a durable bike is our Lighting fast warranty. We were serious about having the best products so we put together the fastest warranty you have ever seen. With the big box brands, you have to wait for weeks while someone in an office on the other side of the world decides whether your warranty claim is legit. We say, if theres a problem with your Storm frame, bring it in for immediate replacement with no questions asked. You can find more information about this on our Lightning Warranty blog post.

     Maybe now you can see why Squall is really in a league of its own. Come try one at Hurricane Cycles or check it out online! By riding a Storm Squall, you will really make a statement! #RideStorm