Storm Bicycle Company Category 1

Lightning Fast Warranty

How fast is real fast? Lightning!

     Part of the Storm ethos is building bikes that exceed expectations. We build bikes that will put a smile on your face for years to come. We are so serious about that mission that we are willing to guarantee them, no questions asked. Pretty much, if you break your Storm bike frame, bring it into Hurricane Cycles and get a replacement on the spot! We don't mess around. You have riding to do, who are we to interfere with that mission? 

     Right now there's two major ways bikes are sold. Dealers, and online/direct. With our dealer owned brand we are able to do things better than either model. With the current systems, you have to either send an email to the faceless website you bought from in hopes that someone gets back to you, or you can take your bike to a shop and let them do that for you if you bought your bike in person. Either way, someone in an office on the other side of the world gets to make a decision on whether your warranty claim is legit. Even then, you have to wait weeks for the bike brand to ship a part to either your door or the bike shop and then someone has to fix it. At Storm, we believe this is unnecessary. Just bring your damaged Storm bike in to Hurricane Cycles and you will be treated to a fixed ride, whatever that needs to look like, before you leave. 

    With our Lightning fast warranty service you can get back to riding in less time, with less hassle and more confidence that you will be taken care of for the long run! Ride confident and make a statement. #RideStorm